Stephen & Kathy Belovary

Unfortunately, flooding destroyed our old A/C systems (2) and ducts under the house. Having the house elevated was not such a sad story but gave us the opportunity to replace our entire heating and air conditioning system. Since our installation of the 2 WaterFurnace Envision systems, new duct work installed to green standards above the ceiling, we immediately realized two things. First the even and constant comfort throughout our old house. Second, our bills reduced 40 to 50%. Wow. When they removed the 60 amp breakers replacing them with 30's, I knew we were going in the right direction. Our old house this year has undergone a major facelift. New energy windows doors, insulation where needed, sealing all cracks, spraying Icynene and activating the desuperheater with our new DHW. All these actions have yielded savings close to 60%. The house is quiet not having to turn up the TV volume as with the old system and the comfort of winter heating and cooling through the summer is most impressive. Also, as with our old heater, I don't have to smell those electrical heating elements and its annoying cooling cycle. As we begin thinking of our new vacation house plans on the coast, WaterFurnace will play a part there too. Thank you so much.