Keith & Shirley Scott

We are a blended family but we are in our 4th geo-thermal home at present. Both families had geothermal as indivduals and when we remarried we added geo to the first house we moved into. It was a 1900 sq. ft per floor (2) ,and the heating, elec. averaged 125/mth. We have since moved to another home that had geo already. It is awesome because it is a 1500sq.ft house with a1650 sq.ft. additional pool room and pool. The geo heats the whole house and all the pool water Approx. 20,000 gals. We live close to the N. Dakota border so we can get some very cold weather in winter. The worst elec. bill we have seen is $290./ month. Also the 3 car garage is floor heated with the same system. Geo in our minds is the only way to go if you plan on being in your home for a reasonable length of time because it's eviro-friendly, cost efficent it has a constant temp in your house at all times.